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The question, when performing

The question, when performing, is: “Am I putting up with anything right now? Is there something that I’m unhappy with that I haven’t addressed?” For example, awkward posture, which looks uncomfortable, will make the audience uncomfortable too, because it shows … Continue reading

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A Container for Nothingness

Two of my favorite jokes rarely get any laughs. I learned them both as a kid growing up in France. The first goes: Why do Belgians sleep with two water glasses by their bed, one full and one empty? One … Continue reading

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Natural Machines interview

  The Natural Machines album is out today, Saturday October 27th. I’m bringing the project to Le Poisson Rouge in New York on October 30th. The fine folks there asked me some smart questions ahead of the gig.¬†Thanks to John … Continue reading

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Interview: Improvisation, Mountain Climbing & the Meaning of Life

I’ve got a little time off from touring so I’m cleaning house. While sorting through old papers I came across the interview below. Most of these¬†answers still ring true to me today. It’s fun to hear from past iterations of … Continue reading

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All I Heard Was Nothing?

Sometimes nothing is a lot to hear. And other times you hear a lot, but it adds up to nothing. You know what I mean? At any rate, here I am, blogging. Or so it would seem. Stay tuned.

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