TriadSculpture for sale

At long last, I’m now offering my triad sculptures — the ones that I created while developing my Natural Machines project — for sale.

Here’s the Major Triad (ratios 4:5:6) in natural sandstone:

And here’s the Minor Triad, ratios 10:12:15 in the same material:

They will be 3-D printed on demand for you and can be ordered at my shop, right here.

Augmented and Diminished triads are coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek at the augmented…

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4 Responses to TriadSculpture for sale

  1. Harriet Wetstone says:

    You are a whole new world for me, thank you! -the free thinking, the musical flow, all
    so natural, the voice! Thank you.

  2. Paul Mina says:

    A simpler ratio for a major triad would be 3:4:5 is (2nd inv) a major triad (to denominator 3)

    • dantepfer says:

      Sure, but that’s a different chord. Why not, in that case, simplify further to 2:3:5, which is a root position triad in open spacing? Each particular arrangement of tones has different ratios and will look different when represented in three dimensions. Please see my post on the topic:

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